Monday, May 12, 2008

Roma & La Bella Italia!!!!

After I left Barcelona and enjoyed Gaudi's art (Pedrera, parque Gueil, etc...), I headed to Rome in my 47 euro flight with Clickair (better than the average US airline...) and found myself in the base of the modern civilization.

There's no way to describe my sensation when I first walked on the streets trying to find "Fontana di Trevi" but I can only tell you that every brick, every street, every step I did was "THE" experience. The simple idea to think that some romans or why not, maybe a Emperor walked the same streets 2K years ago made my mind blow away.

I don't want to fall in the typical comparison between Rome and Paris but I can tell you that both made me feel things I've never felt before (well, only once, the 1st time I walked on Times Square 8 years ago), but if I have to declare a winner between these 2, even with the dirty and not that safe streets, homeless people and the criticism of most of my friends, I'd go for Roma, LA GRANDE ROMA!

Maybe is that I have always been in love with the italian culture, who haven't (the food, music, soccer team and the women) but exploring Rome was a nice experience, and also, I don't understand why I have this trauma with Trevi's Fountain, but I have been there like 6 times and I have taken countless pictures....

Anyway... time to go... Ill upload some pics as soon as I can... meanwhile..


PS... the italian version of the Orangina (aranciata) is even better, but I will keep my comments for me this time... he he

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