Thursday, May 22, 2008



Estare actualizando en ingles hasta que llegue a Seattle de nuevo porque a veces solo tengo unos minutos y asi todos me entienden, los gabachos y los no gabachos... cuando llegue a SEA escribire los blogs buenos en los dos idiomas...


Notes from Krakow, Poland

When you arrive to your hostel at 4 am drunk and the geek I have inside connects to write some notes about it there is only one thing you can say about a city...


Krakow's night life is almost as good as in Budapest....
When you go out to a club with 5 other backpackers from you hostel and the first thing you see in the club is a bar (1 out of 6 that club had) where there are only girls and they outnumber by 3 the number of guys (in other words, there were 15 girls and NO MEN in that bar...) that only mean one thing...

You are in the right place


By the way... the city was nice, but Ill talk about that in a future post...


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Notes from Czeska Republica (Czesky Krumlov & Praha)

- Krumlov is.... (do I need to say more?)

- Awesome city
- It is really one of ther most beautiful places in the world (it was the only city in Central Europe that escaped to last centuries bombs)
- Czech food is good, but Prague is infested with tourists (like me) which makes the food expensive, it is hard to find a decent local pub with good food.
- Czech souveniers are the most expensive ones accross Europe. A guy tried to sell me a small Prague magnet in 7 Euros.... I saw the same in Paris in 3.
- Prague is expensive, same prices as the US or even more expensive
- It rained the 3 days I was here :(
- The castle is awesome and the Charles Bridge has a lot of mosquitoes after 8 pm
- Service in Prague sucks, is as bad as in Paris (or even worst) with the difference that here they do expect tip....
- The "Pilsner" beer, some sort of national pride is as bad as any average american beer.
- Yumi Fujii

Once Im back Ill write a more detailed blog on my adventures... Ciao

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Notes from BUDAPEST!!

- My best experience so far (the hostel, the hostel's owner, the people I met, the city, EVERYTHING)
- Whatever you've heard about the beauty of the women in Hungary and eastern europe..... IT IS TRUE!!!!
- I loved the city, it is clean, nice, pretty, NO turists (like Rome) and full of history, museums and good looking girls (I think I already mentioned this part... he he)
- The castle is awesome (similar to Mexico's Chapultepec but way bigger and awesome)
- there are 2 cities> Buda is cool, Pest is even better...
- They have Roma Baths with wave pools, I went, it was awesome...
- The 14 Hungarian wine producer companies have a cellar under a cave with 30 KM of cellars.......... AWESOME
- Budapest has the coolest Catholic Church I've ever been, even cooler (no bigger) than San Pietro in Rome, it is inside a CAVE........ AWESOME (pictures once I'm back)
- Hungarian food is super good and super cheap (the best so far in this trip outside of Italy)
- I loved the city so much that I decided to stay 4 instead of 2 days
- They have the coolest lake I've ever seen
- Hungarian is sooooooooooo hard, that everybody speaks english
- Best coffee in Europa so far (even better than Roma)
- Gulash Comunism (later post)

Ok, Thats all, I'll write more once I'm back since time is limited....


Monday, May 12, 2008

Roma & La Bella Italia!!!!

After I left Barcelona and enjoyed Gaudi's art (Pedrera, parque Gueil, etc...), I headed to Rome in my 47 euro flight with Clickair (better than the average US airline...) and found myself in the base of the modern civilization.

There's no way to describe my sensation when I first walked on the streets trying to find "Fontana di Trevi" but I can only tell you that every brick, every street, every step I did was "THE" experience. The simple idea to think that some romans or why not, maybe a Emperor walked the same streets 2K years ago made my mind blow away.

I don't want to fall in the typical comparison between Rome and Paris but I can tell you that both made me feel things I've never felt before (well, only once, the 1st time I walked on Times Square 8 years ago), but if I have to declare a winner between these 2, even with the dirty and not that safe streets, homeless people and the criticism of most of my friends, I'd go for Roma, LA GRANDE ROMA!

Maybe is that I have always been in love with the italian culture, who haven't (the food, music, soccer team and the women) but exploring Rome was a nice experience, and also, I don't understand why I have this trauma with Trevi's Fountain, but I have been there like 6 times and I have taken countless pictures....

Anyway... time to go... Ill upload some pics as soon as I can... meanwhile..


PS... the italian version of the Orangina (aranciata) is even better, but I will keep my comments for me this time... he he

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paris & Barcelona

Finally I have some minutes to share with you about my feelings about Paris.. After 4 entire days walking and walking and doing nothing else but walking, I found the "magic" of the city of love, it is really magic. Getting lost on it's streets was the best thing ever, climbing the eiffel tower, walking in the night, having dinner with friends, night tour on the Sena and what for me was the best, the gardens of Versailles; everything, absolutely everything made those four days the best.

After 4 magical days in Paris, I flew to Barcelona, another of the greatest cities in Europe. My trip there wasnt that fun,
A) It rained 2 days (worst than Seattle)
B) I got sick, got everything (fever, flu symptoms and some stomach infection).

Once I left Barcelona, I left better, maybe the city played a bad game on me since I didnt want to go at the begining.

Now Im in Rome.... Bu dont think this is the only post I put about Paris, its just that I have to leave this PC in 3 minutes since internet is free and there's people waiting...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mas notas de Paris...

- Los franceses tienen muchas cosas buenas (monumentos, el idioma, las mujeres, la comida, bla bla bla), pero de todo con lo que me quedo es con la Orangina !! I love it
- Es cierto que los franceses se enojan si les hablas en ingles
- El atardecer en los puentes de Paris es la onda
- No hay que dar propina... Coooool
- El metro es la onda.. (creo que eso ya lo dije)
- Sigo encontrando similitudes con la colonia Roma, Condesa y Polanco
- Les encanta como pronuncio en frances "Disculpe, me puede tomar una foto silvuple", jaja y luego de mi mal frances me sonrien y me la toman
- Ya fui al Moulin Rouge...
- Las crepas son mucho mejores aqui que en Mexico, jajaja
- Los jardines de versalles estan de pelos, se me puso la piel chinita, esos reyes franceses sabian de la buena vida
- Todas las comidas vienen con papas fritas... pero todos los franceses estan re flacos, chale..
- La Catsup sabe diferente, como que mas light y a tomate...
- Los panesitos son la neta, la reposteria es lo cool aqui...
- Tome el barquito del rio y vi la Tour Eiffel de noche
- Me quede jeton donde Luis XIV paseaba a sus invitados.. jajaja
- La Mona Lisa esta cool....
- He tomado mucho cafe.. (por eso es la 1 am y no puedo dormir y estoy en el internet del hostal)
- Mi hostal es la onda.. ademas dos de mis roomates son de Seattle, jajajaja, kgdo no??
- Las ninas andan en moto... vaya los hombres tambien, pero lo otro me llamo la atencion

Bueno es todo, si me acuerdo de mas cosas luego las pongo En unas horas coy a Barcelona, ahi les cuento como me va...

Au revoir...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Paris Je t'aime....

Breves notas de Paris....

- La ciudad no es hermosa...... Lo que le sigue (bueno supongo que eso todos ya lo saben, pero tiene un encanto UNICO)
- Los francese si huelen feo.... (sin ofensas)
- Polanco, la roma y la condesa son una copia de paris... con sus respectivas diferencias
- Pense que entendia in poco de frances... error, no entiendo NADA
- La comida es cara y demasdiado buena
- Tienen una coca cola de naranja buenisima
- Ser mexicano es coool (a diferencia de USA)
- El metro es la onda... Bueno bonito y barato
- Por 4 euros, subi la Tour Eiffel caminando y me ahorre las colas y los infames 11 euros que cuesta subir en elevador (Nota, son 669 escalones :) )
- Ya dije que me recordo a la parte bonita de mexico??? ah pero nice, con clase y limpia
- Viendo la Mona Lisa me encontre a Abraham (un viejo amigo de la carrera) y termine cenando con el y su amigo, una tarde excelente
- Vi a Gerry y a Gabriel

Todo marcha muy bien, la ciudad me recibio con un sol monumental que espero no se esconda de aqui al martes....

Bueno, ya los mantendre al tanto con mas updates... Au revoir

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Europe 2008

I’m back and Europe is here!!! I'm a few hours away to be in Paris and what can I tell, I'm far far beyond the "excitement". Lot of things have happened lately, but the one that worries me the most is that sometimes I feel I'm loosing the amazement capability I had when I was a kid. I remember those years, the day before my bday I wasn’t even able to catch some sleep, I was always wondering what my gifts will be and the simple uncertainty of not knowing what was going to happen the next day drove me crazy. 20 years later, I’m a few hours to take my flight to Paris and unfortunately I don’t even feel close to the emotion I felt when I turned 7.

Sometimes I feel that being an adult is not that cool regarding the amazement, but the fact I can make this trip gives me a personal satisfaction I could never felt when I was 7.

Ok, too much talk and no facts, my trip will be: (See list in Spanish below)

I always promised myself not to do the typical 25 cities in 15 days trip, but, onces I was planning I couldn’t resist it… I-m going to be 1 month and that-s where I’m gonna be, check my blog frequently since I’m going to publish my adventures here…

Au revoir

Ok, Europa ha llegado, estoy a unas horas de ir por primera vez a Europa y estoy lo que le sigue de emocionado... Muchas cosas han pasado en mi vida últimamente, y algo que me da un poco de miedo es que he sentido que mi capacidad de asombro va en declive. Recuerdo cuando era un pequeñuelo, el día antes de mu cumpleaños casi ni podía dormir de la emoción de los regalos que me iban a dar, esa intriga de no saber que iba suceder el día de mañana me volvía loco. 20 años después, estoy a horas de tomar el vuelo a Paris, la ciudad de la luz, y ciertamente no siento ni la 35ava parte de la emoción que sentí cuando cumplí 7 años.

Esta estapa de ser adulto creo que no está tan cool en relación a ese poder de asombro, pero por otro lado, el hecho de poder hacer este viaje me llena de una satisfacción personal que pienso que no tuve a los 7 jajaja

Mi viaje a grandes rasgos va ser el siguiente:

Cesky Krumlov
Cesky Bedjoivce

Siempre me prometí no hacer el viaje de 15 ciudades en 10 dias, pero ah, que mas da, no lo pude evitar jajajajaja Voy 30 días y esperemos que esté de pelos....

Los mantendré al tanto de mis aventuras, mantengase pegados a este blog ok??