Saturday, May 17, 2008

Notes from BUDAPEST!!

- My best experience so far (the hostel, the hostel's owner, the people I met, the city, EVERYTHING)
- Whatever you've heard about the beauty of the women in Hungary and eastern europe..... IT IS TRUE!!!!
- I loved the city, it is clean, nice, pretty, NO turists (like Rome) and full of history, museums and good looking girls (I think I already mentioned this part... he he)
- The castle is awesome (similar to Mexico's Chapultepec but way bigger and awesome)
- there are 2 cities> Buda is cool, Pest is even better...
- They have Roma Baths with wave pools, I went, it was awesome...
- The 14 Hungarian wine producer companies have a cellar under a cave with 30 KM of cellars.......... AWESOME
- Budapest has the coolest Catholic Church I've ever been, even cooler (no bigger) than San Pietro in Rome, it is inside a CAVE........ AWESOME (pictures once I'm back)
- Hungarian food is super good and super cheap (the best so far in this trip outside of Italy)
- I loved the city so much that I decided to stay 4 instead of 2 days
- They have the coolest lake I've ever seen
- Hungarian is sooooooooooo hard, that everybody speaks english
- Best coffee in Europa so far (even better than Roma)
- Gulash Comunism (later post)

Ok, Thats all, I'll write more once I'm back since time is limited....


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