Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paris & Barcelona

Finally I have some minutes to share with you about my feelings about Paris.. After 4 entire days walking and walking and doing nothing else but walking, I found the "magic" of the city of love, it is really magic. Getting lost on it's streets was the best thing ever, climbing the eiffel tower, walking in the night, having dinner with friends, night tour on the Sena and what for me was the best, the gardens of Versailles; everything, absolutely everything made those four days the best.

After 4 magical days in Paris, I flew to Barcelona, another of the greatest cities in Europe. My trip there wasnt that fun,
A) It rained 2 days (worst than Seattle)
B) I got sick, got everything (fever, flu symptoms and some stomach infection).

Once I left Barcelona, I left better, maybe the city played a bad game on me since I didnt want to go at the begining.

Now Im in Rome.... Bu dont think this is the only post I put about Paris, its just that I have to leave this PC in 3 minutes since internet is free and there's people waiting...

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Unknown said...

Fuis a ver las cosas de Gaudi?Tienes fotos?