Sunday, April 29, 2007

LIfe @ Starbucks

It's been a week since I started this project in Starbucks and it has been a nice experience at all. The best think is the corporate offices, imagine a 200 000 sq ft Starbucks, same furniture, same environment, same look. Is really good, the people is the friendliest ever and the best thing, the coffee. In every floor, there is a coffee station where you can prepare any Starbucks drink like the new “dulce de leche” (cajeta) haha. Or any white mocha, latte, whatever u want… just follow the manual and you are done.

Working in Seattle also put me back into the reality, my food sponsorship ended, as you guys may know, since I’ve been traveling for the last 6 months, basically I never went to the groceries store, the company was paying my meals M – F and sometimes even in the weekends, so have to pay again for MY food is simply not nice.

Some friends have asked me how is to work at starbuscks, so I will let you know my typical schedule.

A typical “Working at Starbucks” day:
by @rm@ndo @ Se@ttle

6:15 am ==> Wake up @rm@ndo… Gym time… (believe it or not, I’m doing exercise or at least trying to AGAIN)

7:00 am ==> Take a shower, breakfast and read the news @

7:45 am = Start walking to Starbucks by the Waterfront (please refer to the map between English and Spanish section to see my daily walk to work in BLUE)

8:25 am = Arrive to the office and prepare the first triple grande latte of the day

9:15 am – 12.15 pm = Meetings and boring stuff

12:15 pm = Heat my lunch (I usually cook the day before and I bring my lunch to work)

1:15 pm = Doppio Espresso Machiato (double espresso with a small shoot of milk)

1:15 pm – 5.30 pm = More meetings and boring stuff

5:35 pm = Start walking back home, I usually make a stop to any coffee shop and I read, or I do some shopping or I join some friends for dinner to any of the good restaurants we have in the Downtown / Belltown area)

8:15 pm = Netflix time. If I’m not still dinning with friends or getting drunk in some bar, I try to watch a movie. I don’t have cable… I’m so cheap.

11:15 pm = Cook for the next day and then sleep

Well… I love it!!!


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