Friday, March 13, 2009

Travel blog vs Facebook vs New Blog!

Ok, question of the day, What the heck happened to my blog?

Fact #1: I think the number of readers of this blog went down from few hundreds per month to maybe one per quarter, me.
Fact #2: And you know? it is all my fault,  when I started this blog I had the idea of sharing my experiences related to my constant travels and adventures as a consultant with friends and family. Everything was going fine, I used to post on a frequent basis, (not like lychees, but enough to consider myself a blogger) and I loved it until Facebook became part of my daily life.

Fact #3: Facebook

But, Why Facebook? Why some people claim that Facebook as the worst thing in the world? Well, I’m not there yet for sure, I certainly love the thing, but what happened is that at the beginning Facebook was the novelty for me & my friends, I gave it 2 months of my attention before “something else” showed up, but almost 2 years after the day that Rafa forced me to join and left my blog floating in the internet, I decided that it was time for me to go back into the blogger world, so here I am.

Most of you have been tracking the changes in my life through Facebook, but for those of you that have no idea where I am, I live in Canada now, the land of the Maple and the noble Beaver, the second biggest land on earth and the 130th less populated, Calgary to be more exact.

So, why am I writing again if I surrender to the power of the Facebook status, well, I’ve been thinking about the hundreds of things I want to share based on what i see, think, read and hear and I guess Fbook is not enough for some reasons:

- My Status can change several times a day
- If you missed 2 days of facebook, you maybe missed stupid things I post like the fact that “I was looking for 4 Mexicans to create the first Mexican Curling team to compete in the Winter Olympics”
- Most companies have facebook blocked
- People add & add & add friends, so, it is hard for me to share what I want to share and make sure the people I care read it

So, what’s going to be new here? Well, I’ll stop talking about my travels, well., I still travel a lot, pretty much every week (I’ve been on a plane 65 of the last 75 weeks) but now I’ll concentrate my efforts on places, day to day things, news, opinion and Global affairs. And the most important change, it will be 100% in English, why? because I need to improve my writing communication skills before 2011 that I will do my MBA.

Said that, welcome to my new blog, and thanks for reading this :)


Mel said...

yay! bienvenido

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mm.. 10x for thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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